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Harlow Printing offers a vast array of services which gives us the ability to design, print and mail products that are sure to capture the essence of what you are trying to achieve.

Our highly experienced printers have many years of experience producing high quality specialised products for the Bingo, Promotional Games and Charity Raffle Ticket markets. We can print medium to long runs very efficiently producing top quality products on our flat sheet and web litho presses. Our 8 colour web press is also fitted with inline personalisation which means they are ideal for producing your mail products. Backed up by our web and flat sheet digital lines we have the answers to all of your print requirements.

Quality control and colour management are key to ensuring that our work is produced to the highest ISO standards.

With a wide range of finishing equipment and options we keep control of your job from start to finish ensuring that the finished printed product will be exactly what you expect.



Harlow Gaming are one of the largest suppliers to the Bingo and Leisure markets in the UK.

Bingo tickets and flyers are available in 60, 75, 80 and 90 numbers, either side glued or top glued. Options include a basic “no frills” book or an all-in-one personalised book. Our books and flyers can be generic or can be branded and include advertising if required. 9 from 36 Fun games are quick to play and will generate increased revenue.

For all of your print requirements Harlow Gaming can supply Posters and Banners, Presentation Folders and Information Packs, Display Boards and Large Cheques, Membership Cards and Wallets, Envelopes and Prize Money Envelopes, Menus, Vouchers and One-piece Mailers.

The Printeazi web to print system can be accessed any time of the day or night giving freedom to manage, personalise and order print, whilst saving you time and money. For targeted, or reactive print and mailshots this is an effective tool when integrated with various membership systems, or simply by uploading a data file.

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As one of the leading suppliers of print and bingo tickets to the Bingo Industry Harlow Printing are also at the forefront of distributing Dabbers and Pens.

We offer colourful ranges suitable for all clubs and players, which include seasonal and promotional styles. Our standard dabber range is available off the shelf, or for maximum impact you can have your own bespoke design created.

Current ranges include Jumbo Markers, Standard Dabbers, Promotional Dabbers and Stylus Pens. Our DiddiDabs are a unique range of smaller must have dabbers, with a complete family of characters to collect.



As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers we are experts in game cards and vouchers.

Our scratch cards, break-open and tear-open campaigns have been used for over 50 years by many major brands and publications worldwide.

With an in-house maths department we can devise any game from concept to completion.

From hundreds to millions, we have the capabilities for any project.

Promotion Games are a proven way to increase footfall, drive consumers online, increase sales, position a brand, get a brand noticed and data capture.

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Our in-house mailing department compliments our print and personalisation to offer you a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for all your direct mail requirements.

From letters to donation forms and personalised label sheets to leaflets right through to envelopes whatever your needs we can manufacture in-house.

We run 3 high speed automated envelope enclosing lines with capabilities of up to 10 item insertion and up to 4 item camera matching.

Specialists in charity raffle packs we supply many of the UK’s leading charity’s and fundraising agency’s.



As one of the leading suppliers in the UK of raffle tickets and raffle packs to the not-for-profit sector, we are specialists in helping charities and hospices raise funds for their vital causes.

Litho or Digital print is available depending on quantity and cost requirements and tickets can be personalised with the supporters name and address.

We can supply Raffle Ticket Books or enclose these into mailing packs using our in-house mailing division.

As a main supplier of raffle books we supplying many charities, hospices, direct mail houses, print management providers, marketing agencies and fundraising agencies with quality products to ensure maximum fundraising opportunities.

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The Perinatal Institute is pleased to be partnering with Harlow Printing in the production of the national hand-held maternity record. We have for many years been able to rely on the expertise and professionalism of this excellent printing company, and this has helped us to deliver essential, high quality, evidence based and regularly updated, information for mothers and maternity professionals in the NHS.

Sally Buller
National Maternity Notes Lead, Perinatal Institute

Harlow instinctively understood our needs and provided high quality design and print services, delivered on time and to budget. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

David Coxon
Managing Director, Norske Skog (UK) Ltd

Harlow understood the company and the brand that we needed to promote and went beyond what I expected, to provide a first class website and printing materials. Our website is presented in a more dynamic interactive way that appeals to our customers and printing with quick delivery is a service I couldn’t do without.

Melanie Buck
Owner, Little Movers


To discuss any future projects, you can call us on 0191 455 4286, email us, or simply fill in the form below and one of our experienced sales team will be in touch.

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