NHS Screening Programmes

The DH/NHS service specifications require screening providers to use nationally developed and agreed leaflets and information for patients and professionals.

Such materials are provided free of charge to NHS and private providers of NHS screening. Orders of leaflets required by other organisations, or for reasons other than those described for each publication, will generally need to be paid for. To arrange such an order, please contact Harlow directly on 0191 496 9735, or email rebeccao@harlowprinting.co.uk

You can also use the contact details above to set up regular standing orders.

All orders should be placed using the individual programme order forms (links below). If you have any problems accessing the forms, again please use the contact details above.

You should allow 5-7 working days for orders to be delivered.

Please order enough stock to last approximately three months. Clients should not order amounts to last 6 months or more. Materials are subject to revision, and stockpiling means that outdated items would need to be recycled. This causes undue environmental and financial waste.


Publication order forms

Click the relevant link below to access the order forms for each NHS screening programme. Any details specific to an individual publication are provided on the forms.

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