E4print is our Internet Trading Option: it is the most sophisticated and user friendly option for the sourcing, pricing and monitoring of printed forms available today. The system is ‘real time’ and communicates directly with our Internal Management System enabling interrogation of every aspect of your forms requirements both stock and ad-hoc.

E4Print can be utilised as a stand-alone electronic trading system or interfaced with existing purchasing systems via Email and cXML.

Instant quotes
Allows customers to build their own estimates driven in real time by your MIS.

Request for quotes
Clients can answer pre-defined questions to create an RFQ for our estimators to complete

Variable data, variable manufacture, variable price
Enables customers to create their own artwork using variable data templates

Basket style shopping
Easy-to-use, simple interface for customers to access their favourites, search and scroll through products

PayPal integration
With or without a PayPal account clients can easily pay using credit / debit cards for instant approved payment.

On-line document editing & publishing
Embedded CHILI Publisher on-line document editing software tools

Order tracking
Let clients track the status of current orders and history of previous orders

On-line reports
Provides customers with access to their own library of management reports to monitor stock usage, history and spend

Managed stock
Enables clients to browse a personalised catalogue of standard products and stock

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